Are you ready to find your edge - that which sets you apart?

We are often governed by expectations – our own, others, society – which, whilst well intended, may be limiting us from our living our ‘story’ in ways that enable us to fulfil our purpose.

When we live our life by our own decree, not by the phantoms of the past or present, there is a deeper sense of meaning.

The Tall Journey portfolio of programs helps you find this meaning. The programs are grounded, complex in their simplicity and more importantly based on practical experience.

The Tall Journey process will guide you to discover answers to these questions:

• What is it that you Stand for?

• How will you enable your Stand?

• How will your life be when you Stand Tall in your Truth?

When we define and embrace our unique talents and know what we are here to be and do, there is a sense of ‘knowing’, and peace that all within feels aligned.


Creative Tension is needed to grow!

Our view of the world invisibly influences every aspect of our lives. It impacts the sense we make of our organisations, our work, our relationships and most importantly, ourselves.

It requires us to own our edge.

The core of the Standing Tall coaching process is designed to find your edge –that which sets you apart. It is transformational. It doesn’t just change what we know, it changes the way we know, enabling new capabilities for managing complexity, stress, and change creatively and with deeper insight.

By gaining insight into the characteristic ways we make sense of our worlds, we become more aware, take more ownership, have more choices and a bigger perspective on our lives, the organisations with whom we are connected, and our contributions to society.

This enables us to engage in ‘wise choosing’ , and shape the ‘story’ we want to live.

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“If you do not acknowledge your power for shaping the future, who else is there?”

Our Walking Tall retreat is designed to take you out of your day-to day reality and immerse you in an environment which gives you time to define and walk your path. It will provide you the opportunity to reflect and to reconnect with what is important to you.

Each of us has a path to walk and when we are walking it, there is a deeper sense of fulfilment. A sense of knowing, that goes beyond normal ways of knowing.

The retreat is held over three days in the gorgeous South Island of New Zealand and limited to small numbers.

Whilst the retreat is for small groups, it is very individually (or personally) focused. It is your journey!

We are also holding these in Japan in 2021. 

It will be an experience you wished you had done sooner.

For more information, please contact us for a brochure.


(for graduates of Standing Tall Coaching and Walking Tall Retreat)

What would you do if you could not fail?

We are taught to measure success by what you can see, but what if manifestation begins with what you can’t see?

Being Tall Intensive is a program for those who are ready to go deeper and own their deeper uniqueness.

This is not for the faint-hearted, but, is designed for those who are ready to answer a call to reawaken from a deep amnesia and to begin to experience, once again, the deep mystery of our lives.

Real Leadership derives from our developed sense of passion, integrity, authenticity and aliveness. A place, where tapping into your deeper intuitive self allows you to operate from your realm of creativity and so real leadership of self evolves which is essential for Being Tall.

The evolutionary process can only emerge when we let go of the perceived need for control and structures in every part of our lives. The Tall Journey is designed to do this.

If we are to shape our world, we must first shape ourselves.



Anna Harper is an experienced certified executive coach, facilitator and mentor and has worked in this field for almost 25 years.

Anna has designed The Tall Journey programs for individuals who have the courage and desire to take a deeper dive into themselves with the intention of enabling their truest self. The Tall Journey evolved as a way to help clients interweave strengths, powers, concepts and wisdoms of “old’ with ’new’, ‘indigenous’ with ‘modern’, ‘corporate’ with ‘community’

Being a shapeshifter herself, Anna’ uses stories as a premise to guide others to be more conscious of who they are and assisting them to align to a higher cause. She guides people individually and collectively to bring their new stories to life - to become more discerning in what they do and how they present as leaders, who they are in all aspects of their life.

Anna is extensively trained in the skills and sciences of neuro-semantics, archetypal structures and has an M.Arts majoring in chaos, complexity and creativity. She enables people to work at soul levels to find, for themselves, pathways to their own truths.


Jeremy specialises in individual transformations and collective transitions with a focus on cross cultural work.

He recognises that culture is valuable and appreciates its importance in connecting people, shaping identity and creating a sense of belonging. His deep understanding of the challenges facing today’s leaders is derived from 20+ years working with top global companies leading and facilitating organizational change in the UK, Australia, and New Zealand. He has provided guidance to business owners, executives, and people facing personal and career crossroads.

He has travelled extensively and been a teacher of meditation and yoga at one of Europe’s top retreats. Jeremy integrates this into his approach in addressing transitions and shaping one’s story. 

He has provided guidance to business owners, executives, and individuals facing personal and career crossroads.

Jeremy is currently residing in Auckland, New Zealand.

Our Standing Tall coaching program

The program has been developed with a keen understanding of how busy life is but also how important it is to ensure you are growing and evolving, not just functioning.

Conducted over 6 months, the coaching program is robust, challenging, requires commitment, with safety embedded and designed to assist your transition to the next stage of your personal and (career) progression. crossing your threshold in owning your story.

The Standing Tall program provides you with a combination of one on one coaching sessions and online modules.

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