Leadership Inside-Out: Compassionate Courage

Monica Sharma, M.D., an international expert and practitioner on leadership development for sustainable and equitable change, talks of the need for a conscious full-spectrum model which simultaneously solves problems, shifts systems and creates new patterns sourced from individual inner capacity and transformational leadership.

She calls this compassionate courage. What seems to be apparent is that the most urgent and sustainable response to the world’s problems and the ability to harness new opportunities lies in our capacity to expand solutions for problems that are driven solely by technology, to responses that also create new patterns and systems generated from our wisdom.

It is this latter point that intrigues me the most, and one that we seem to have forgotten in our rush to succeed, to deliver. As we come to grips with the ever-increasing technological advances that are impacting our every day life – disruptive digitisation – of what we do and are able to do, this important quality is being overlooked.

Leaders in this era of global abundance and seeming scarcity need to understand and challenge the factors that allow the massive divide between the rich and the poor to persist. In a world of inter- connected threats and challenges, many different competencies are required. We will only have impact if we break with business-as-usual and dramatically accelerate and scale–up action in this interdependent world.

What’s missing today that could make a significant difference tomorrow? Are you willing to fill the gap? We ask you, the reader, to reflect on the following questions:

  • Do I see myself as a courageous, compassionate contributor for alleviating suffering and creating a thriving and just planet? Who am I being, how am I thinking and what am I doing?
  • Do I value my inner capacity and wisdom? Do I consider myself to be a critical strategic thinker? Do I have what it takes to deliver on my word and actions? Am I willing to cultivate these aspects in myself?
  • Will I actively choose to do all I can to better the world? Will I commit, not only as intention, but also in action?
  • Will I support those who are taking the risks and speak in the public domain to bolster their work? Or am I afraid? What am I afraid of losing—Reputation? Face? Expert Status? Money? Social Approval?
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Anna Harper

Anna leads Cultural Shapeshifters, a consortium of accredited practitioners and extraordinary thought leaders. A shapeshifter and guide, she works as a leadership advisor and systems change agent. Currently based in Sydney, Australia with extensive work throughout Asia.