Regeneration –  Forging Your Own Paths out of Duality

“In times of uncertainty, the most difficult thing to do is to stop searching for detours”.   Toko-Pa Turner.For many it may seem that much has been taken away since January 2020. Losses of freedom, lives, jobs, incomes.  Now is the time to identify the shape of what is left and nurture the green shoots which are pushing through the rubble of your old life gone dark.

This path of renewal and Re-Emergence will take as much psychic awareness ( we all have this capacity if we stop and deeply listen to our inner) of retreat and incubation, as your compass swings wildly resetting itself to Self as Source – your own inner North Star.

There really is no gaining Truth without shedding old illusions. Simultaneously deconstructing the old reality while resurrecting the ‘new’. Energetically, this can be unsettling as you feel the false overlays of the illusion being removed, 

However, as mentioned in last month’s blog, “a revert to how things were, would be a massive step backwards”, for us individually and collectively. 

It is time to stop the overthinking and empty distractions and ground these new realities with projects and creations that lift your heart and return you to your Self. Allow space to let feelings emerge, to follow your own instincts, to be in touch with yourself. This will allow you to connect with others because “busyness” disconnects you from other people.

There are always distractions- something to read, another podcast, your phone. 

When do you have that really quiet, quiet time to BE? Having a clear space to have new ideas, to have a kind of openness to what is the right decision for you, to return to your own brand of wisdom and clarity – seeing far, knowing what you see, and not leaving rocks unturned?

This is what Standing Tall in your ‘truth’ is. 

Last week I had the privilege of attending E-Tipu, a global Agri conference on Food and Fibre in Christchurch. The conference focussed on Regeneration in farming and land management for the future, working collectively and collaborating with associated industries such as technology and design. Concepts around leadership, ideas, innovation, were presented. Insights and inspiration were in abundance, as people who are standing tall in their truth and challenging the status quo, shared their own paths in how they were living this ‘regenerative’ thinking across the various ‘fields’. 

There were many wonderful examples of the need to review, reinvent, or even extinguish areas which had become stale and irrelevant.
All of the presenters were exceptional in their own way, however two in particular stood out in how they walked their path. The first was a diary farmer from Southland whose life story was something for any young person to aspire towards. Tangaroa Walker, Founder of Form4Life whose passion for dairy and regenerative farming was evident,  has published a book and also owns a Fitness Centre in Invercargill. .He was not born into the situation he is now in – as a child all he had was ‘imagination’. 
It was evident from listening to him as he wove his story, that he has used this wisely. He worked hard, took every opportunity offered to him and asked for advice. He even relocated from the North Island to the southern most part of the South Island at 18 yrs of age for a new job. This move led to him becoming a motivational speaker at 22 and, whilst physically busy, he was bored. The pandemic presented another opportunity – during lockdown he had to pivot. In those 6 weeks of lockdown, from 10pm -2am every night he created the blueprint for farming together with his accountant. 36 educational videos later the architecture for the Farm4Life Hub was formed. His intention – the retention of young farmers in the industry. Clarity of purpose, he knows his ‘ert’ and how he can give back.

The second was Sir Ian Taylor, Managing Director of Animations Research Limited, a visionary, whose world and work changed on March 23rd 2020 when the nation of New Zealand stood still.  Having lost every global sports contract, the team was told to go home, take care of your whanau (family), you have a job, do the things you love and let’s look at our ‘footprint’ post-Covid. They rewrote their business model, it is now a virtual eye.

The peace and stillness experienced during this time caused him to reflect on how much travel he and his team did. Was it really necessary? During lockdown you could hear the oceans, nature, and the wind. Aotearoa is our ‘waka’ and we need to find ways to look after it – as does the world.  Mother nature is asking us to ‘rethink’ to allow for regeneration to ensure the next generation(s) have a future. The voice of ‘youth’ is taking the lead on this, now we have to find the way together to take action.

• How can you pick up the challenge to make something happen?

It could be as simple as choosing to purchase products that are aligned with regenerative values. 

The pandemic has given us time to ‘pause’, to reflect, to rethink about what is important to us. This is why taking that time to reconnect with your inner as you resettle into these new energies, more awake and more aware. Doing the work is a non-negotiable if you are to stand tall in your truth.

As Lynne Twist would say; “Things happen for us and through us and not to us.”

This is a different way of seeing, of re-seeing. As I mentioned last month, essential for the “futureproofing of your personal platform”.

Changing patterns is not easy. The more we deeply listen and follow that inner,  the more able we are to walk tall in who we are, taking up the challenge as Sir Ian said, using your imagination for a greater good.

Reflections and Journalling:

Who do you want to be?
How can you regenerate to truly show up?
What are your big dreams?

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