Simplicity and Complexity

Simplicity does not precede complexity, but follows it. ~ Alan Perlis ~

How do we know when we are bumping up against edges of complexity?

… Normally, when our old and trusted ways of doing things no longer work as well, or not at all.

Most leaders admit that there is an uncomfortable, growing gap between the rate at which change and complexity is expanding and the organisation’s capacity to creatively adapt. The current economic, cultural, environmental, and political challenges prompt a deeper enquiry into a better way forward.

Previous ways of thinking and leading are not capable of encompassing the level of interdependence and complexity we face. Something in our consciousness must shift in order for us to be able to see how to act in a way that can address the challenges of the times.

  • ~ How will you navigate the future?
  • ~ How will your leadership prepare for the complexities of this changing landscape?
  • ~ What will it take in terms of development in leadership effectiveness to prepare for what we can’t see or even imagine?
  • ~ What does this mean in terms of strategic advantage for our organisations?

The level of perspective taking is critical when answering these questions. Defining your staring point is as important as your end point.

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Anna Harper

Anna leads Cultural Shapeshifters, a consortium of accredited practitioners and extraordinary thought leaders. A shapeshifter and guide, she works as a leadership advisor and systems change agent. Currently based in Sydney, Australia with extensive work throughout Asia.