Turbulence in the system – Riding the waves of uncertainty.

“The flapping of the wings of a butterfly can be felt on the other side of the world .” Chinese Proverb.

In these times of uncertainty, it seems that one step forward is met with two steps back. And in these moments, it is useful is to be in the uncertainty, the unknown, and not to take what seems to be the easy path of the detour. We need to consciously still the over active mind, to pause the over-arching desire to ‘fix’ it, to develop the capacity to deeply listen and be in these cycles of turbulence. This really is the transformation that many of us asked for but didn’t expect.

As a colleague said:
“Change isn’t happening somewhere else – the waters are rising at your front door.”

The choices we individually and collectively make at this point in time will set the agenda for the next three to five decades and beyond.

Waters were definitely rising at front doors in mid-Canterbury, New Zealand in early June, the red alert warning for the weather system delivered with aplomb. This was not what the farmers or business folks were wanting, yet it seems these ‘events’ are occurring more frequently across the globe. In this instance, the ‘collective’ worked together to repair and restore what they could, helping each other, re-assessing what their next step would be. Townsfolk went down to support the farmers, clearing rubbish from land.

This is how cooperation and collaboration benefits the greater good, as opposed to competition, which is solely for self, or our own organisation.

We see this playing out in the global arena. Take the recent G7 Summit as an example, the value of which one could question, given that many of these countries are no longer the top economies in the world. They weren’t invited.

It is almost as if we are discovering that we are actors on a new stage with a new set. The script is yet to be completed, however it appears we are leaving behind the machine-based materialism of the past 200 years and have entered into a technology-oriented arena, which will have all sorts of implications for personal freedom and artificial intelligence.

So if you are wondering why so many of us may be feeling all over the place – and feeling everything from disengaged and stuck through to purposeless – despite these wonderful new opportunities, just take a moment to pause, breathe, reflect and ask “What would support me in these times of turbulence”.

I received a wonderful WhatsApp video of a beautiful stream in the woods of up-country New Jersey where the cicadas were singing their song for the first time in 17 years. Taking the time to be in nature, to bathe in the forests, swim in the sea, or ski the mountains, whatever brings you home is an investment in you.

The path of renewal and re-emergence toward what is needed and not the familiar escapism into the next shiny thing or superficiality is the way forward. More is not better, and, according to Lynne Twist, Soul of Money, this is the first toxic money myth.
The root of scarcity is advertising that “You are not okay until you acquire something”. COVID did indeed get many of us to reassess and it is important to resist rushing back towards old and outdated ways of feeling better.

This is certainly not to say that money is evil or unnecessary. There is a fine line between what is ‘enough’ and what it is you really need. It is the unconscious, unexamined of “its not enough” that causes the stress and anxiety. It is the false chase of what you don’t really need. It is the holding on to more than you need, and still wanting more.

Knowing the flow of money is consistent with who I AM is essential.

So my question is: “How can you hold a calm zero point consistently, paying attention to what aligns and to what drops away and allowing yourself zero judgement on what is dismantling and dropping away, both externally and internally”.

A client I am working with is assessing his ‘story’, deep diving into how the country he currently lives in aligns with his values. “Is this where I want to make a difference?” He is looking for the threads across his life story – both the successes and the challenges, to find the meaning in not just what he does, but who he ‘is’. He is examining all the variables in his life, the qualities and traits he wants to bring forth as he deepens his purpose for his next chapter. His compass is certainly swinging wildly as it resets itself to Self as Source.

It reminds me of impermanence, which is at the heart of Buddhist teachings – you “know” in your head that everything changes second by second, and yet we can still be rattled by the sudden disappearance of something, that we held to be true. If one has done their inner work, it is these times which allow the predictable unfolding of your unique seed and pattern of growth and evolution. Making adjustments to your dream to be aligned with what is truly important.

• Sometimes we need to look up to see the ‘light’.

• At other times we might need to ask for support.

• Or once we have done our ‘work’ we take that leap of faith.

This is what Standing Tall in your ‘truth’ is.

I indulged over the weekend, viewingThe Wisdom of Trauma series, as did 4 million people across 227 countries. Based on Dr Gabor Mate’s unique work in this field of trauma where compassionate inquiry is at the heart of his work, made me realise – we need to be compassionate to ourselves as we change our patterns to fully embrace our ‘self’ and step forward to take up the challenge of serving for a greater good.

Reflections and Journalling:

– What are you ‘letting go’, internally or externally?
– What are you embracing to fully own your story?
– How will you live your big dreams?

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