‘Unfolding’ – your journey to embrace who you are

As some parts of the world start to reopen – I refer to the travel bubble between Australia and New Zealand – and lockdown laws are, for the most part, becoming less stringent it has become evident that the choices made this time last year are influencing the environment which we are experiencing now – both individually and as a collective.

The ‘virus’ continues to cause havoc and uncertainty.

Governments and their communities have differed in their approaches – either to open borders with excitement and anticipation, or to close borders with total uncertainty. These differences have influenced this to a large degree.

Now really is the revelation of another step on the journey. This past month deepened my awareness of how this year of the Global Pandemic, has been an ‘unfolding’ of the ‘journey’ for many of us on so many levels. The choices we personally made, how we wanted to work or contribute, the relationships we needed to nurture ourselves and to nurture others, indeed, even where and how we wanted to live. This current period, is not just a return to normal per se, for that might appear to be the easy way out. The decision to return to how things were because this is easy and what we knew is certainly not the wisest choice.

For a revert to how things were, would be a massive step backwards.

Now is a pivot point presenting a wonderful opportunity to review what is working in our own lives, in our society and our larger collective across the globe. Yes, across the globe, for this opportunity is a global one.

Were we really happy wanting more, more, more or is this point in our collective lives, a result of the hype of marketing, and the culture of instant gratification.

Lynne Twist so aptly encapsulates this:

“ We forgot our connection to ourselves, to mother earth, to each other. We also forgot our love of inquiry and discovery. Like cogs in a wheel, we were trapped in a fevered industry of consumerism and individualism. Perhaps forgetting our inherent divinity and goodness.

Entering into the 21st century is like shaking off the long amnesia of fear and scarcity.”

It seems after some heaviness, there has been a massive release of energy, and 2021’s revolutionary engine kicks into gear. A time when that feeling of being trapped by restrictions outside of our control, claustrophobic, with a seeming lack of options, is finally released. This clash between the Old and the New, between the Progressive and the Status Quo, between Resistance and Revolution has stepped up a gear.

When we remember our sufficiency and wholeness, we experience a reclamation of our true power as creators, and return to love and connection to the earth. We become activated in our shared dream of unity and harmony. This allows an unfolding on another level of awareness of possibility and of opportunity. Only IF we have the courage and commitment to stay the journey.

If we are awake, this period is the perfect time to future-proof your personal platform.

Take the time for those small pleasures, those simple things that truly nurture us on a soul level. To reassess our why.

Now is an ideal time fo really look at what your ‘ert’ is. “Ert” is a wonderful word. It is the opposite of inertia and was coined by Lisa-Ann Gershwin, an American born biologist living in Tasmania (p 219, Phosphorescence, by Julia Baird)

‘Ert’ is evident when you are aligned to your sense of purpose. Find something meaningful. Employment. A hobby which absorbs you fully. Work which fulfils you creatively. A cause that calls you. Something you love.

Many of us have been in the ‘eddy’, treading water, awaiting that flash insight into what truly brings us awe and wonder. Others have continued on working every harder the past year – , not taking the time to step back and truly reflect on the all important question – .

What is it you love?

What is it you love? This is a crucial question for the unfolding of ‘our’ journey. Its answer provides a core distinction in walking your path, to stand tall in the realm of who you are.

Now is a good time to contemplate where you need to press the “Reinstall” button in your life. This is a time to initiate something new and untried. A time to own the evolutionary within you.

How will you engage in birthing what is emerging?

Initiating is not about forcing events. Reflecting is not about disengaging. Waiting is not about being passive and doing nothing.

Please ask yourself:

In this space of new beginnings, what might grow?
What is seeking to move through me?
..And then wait to become the person who can live within that new reality. You have to know it, experience it, understand what it can draw from your depths. It is important to let these experiences show you how you may be limiting yourself, to reveal to you emergent, entirely brand new solution – not just band-aid solutions.

Working with a client last week and guiding him in his quest to find his true ‘ert’, highlighted how easy it is to fall into old patterns, often from the expectations of others or the belief of “I should….”.

It is truly an honour to be able to hold the space for someone in their unfolding to fully embrace who they are, and courageously walk their path. Towards his own mastery – seeing his life unfolding as it is, not just his ideas, nor his pictures of it.

It is about seeing it all, feeling it all. knowing it all with higher and higher, clearer and clearer awareness. And not becoming unglued in any way because of it.

What is it you want to ‘unfold’?
What is it you love?
What is calling you?

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