Humility, Resilience and a Dream

“Far better to live your own path imperfectly than to live another’s perfectly.” Bhagavad Gita

Staying committed to a dream requires many attributes. Humility, resilience and alignment with who you are key and knowing why you want in the first place really does help.

This is easier said than done, especially with the world’s eyes on you. Expectations to perform, along with some naysayers who do not believe you should be there and are not worthy of being number one in the world, let alone the weight of history on one’s shoulders – forty-one years of it, to be precise – not a small weight to carry.

Yes, I am referring to Ash Barty’s extraordinary win at Wimbledon two weeks ago. These are the weight of expectations she carried with her into the final.

A dream fulfilled and one so well deserved.

I loved Crowe, her Performance Coaches insight: “Barty focuses on who she is and why she is there.” Barty accepted that distraction first and foremost, whether it was an injury or playing in front of the royal family or even a hostile crowd.

Crowe continues: “But she also remembers to celebrate the opportunities she’s creating for herself and have that sense of appreciation and thankfulness.”

Values instilled into her being by her parents which guide her every action and interaction. For Barty, ”it’s more important to be a good person than it is a good tennis player. So I think that’s always my priority, making sure that I’m a good human being”. These values show in her generosity both on and off the court.

The dearth of sporting success would have been difficult enough, and there was the added pressure of emulating her mentor, fellow inspirational indigenous hero, Evonne Goolagong-Cawley. Yet she stayed composed and for those who watched, her Grand Final victory match was something to remember. Her steadiness, even with the crowd favouring her opponent, Plíšková. Now that is respectful resolve.

A dream fulfilled and a true champion emerged – humble, talented, and resilient.

Yes, it is Barty’s tennis success that has made her famous. Her grace in negotiating Australia’s unease with its relationship with our Indigenous peoples (both past and present) is what makes her a true champion. Her legacy is being written.

A similar theme was also seen during the ICC world test series between the top two teams, New Zealand and India in England at the end of June. The Black Caps (NZ cricket team), won the ICC world cup (nicknamed the Mace) and beat India in the test series. This victory was also the culmination of a ‘dream’ fulfilled after the Black Caps were thoroughly humiliated in South Africa in January 2013 and dismissed for the paltry total of 45 runs.

The teams soul searching together and as individuals, took them on a journey which enabled them to work through the ramifications of the loss.
“What does it mean to be a member of the Black Caps and a member of a team which represents your country?”

The reset, the rebuild and the reigniting of purpose to allow them to be worthy of the ‘cap’. Each player was defined as a valued contributor to the team, based not just on the merits of their individual performance, but with a focus on ‘how one was living the values of a Black Caps player’. This change in focus was a centre point for transformation.

“Am I making the country proud?” The ego had to be second. Respect and connection to each other was paramount, the desire to be the best person and the best player was at the core of the shift in fortunes. Humility, resilience, commitment, trust and respect ensured unbreakable camaraderie. Worthy winners against worthy opponents. It indeed took resilience!

It all started with a collective ‘Dream’, to be world champions. Each player stood tall, and supported each other to be the best they could, as players, and as human beings. Humble in their attitude, proud in their achievement.

Walking the path, requires a dream.

A dream that encumbers a deep understanding of why you are venturing on the path.

Ensuring it is not just an ego trip, but for a deeper reason that contributes to the higher good, or a greater purpose. This process asks one to be humble, to be real and to look at how one is showing up for others. Focusing on the human-being not just the human-doing.

Last month I spoke about the turbulence in the world and it is still with us. It will be unsettling for some and exciting for others depending on your inner work.

Influencers of yesterday have lost relevance and a newer more diverse type of Creator is now stepping in as the way showers. Old hierarchical systems are collapsing and the next generation will be represented by more diversity, authenticity and unique expression.

This is an entirely new wave of understanding. Expect to change alongside it and trust the process. What kind of champion do you want to be?

Journalling and Reflection

Ask your Self:

What have I been waiting for, waiting to happen from outside?
What would shift if I stopped waiting?
What fears surface from me around the idea of trusting my inner guidance moment by moment?
If I released those fears what would transform?

Standing tall in your own mastery takes courage, takes humility and resilience and a Dream.